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When you get a breast enhancement, it’s important that you’re aware of everything that it entails. The reasons for getting a breast enhancement vary so in order for you to make an informed decision; you should know of what limitations there are to the surgery as well as any downsides.
Below are 5 things you should expect when it comes to breast enhancement.

  1. It will take a while until you see the final results

    It takes a while before you’re able to appreciate the final results of your breast enhancement surgery. This is because you need to allow enough time for the swelling to subside and for the incision scars to heal.


  3. You will probably need another surgery in the future

    Around 25% of women will need to have their implants replaced after 10 years. This is usually due to leaking or because of a scar shell forming around the implant. It isn’t just because of the age of your implants that you might need another surgery however. Pregnancy, weight gain or a change in preference are other commons to get another breast surgery.


  5. You will need to take a week off work to recover

    In the days following your surgery, you’ll be dealing with swelling and soreness so you need to allow enough time off work for you to properly recover. Most patients find that a week is enough time off work. Although you won’t be 100% after a week, you will be fit enough to return to work, providing your job doesn’t require you to do any strenuous manual labor.


  7. Implants do feel different to natural breasts

    Implants are made to feel as natural as possible but they still don’t feel exactly like natural breast tissue. The difference is more pronounced with women who have less breast tissue to begin with. If the implants are placed below the pectoral muscle rather than above it then they can be harder to detect.


  9. You’ll need to be realistic about the size increase you can achieve in one surgery

    This is an important thing to be aware of since there are some women who want to go from having extremely small breasts to extremely large breasts in one surgery. This usually isn’t possible since there’s only so much skin to work with and your skin only has so much give.


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