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Breast Lift with Implants

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Mastopexy (breast lift) with Implants In Richmond,Va

Mastopexy (breast lift) with Implants

The goal of a breast lift with implants (mastopexy with implants) is to lift the breast tissue and nipple and most often reduce the size of the areola which often becomes enlarged with pregnancy and breast feeding.

This helps to create a perky breast shape. During the mastopexy with implants, a breast implant is placed to enlarge the breast since often after pregnancy, women’s breasts are smaller and have excess skin.

NATRELLE BREAST IMPLANTS – Richmond’s Choice For ARTISTIC Breast Augmentation

BREAST AUG & LIFT – Overview Of The Procedure

Some patients will elect to undergo a breast lift without implants with the knowledge they may desire to increase the size of the breasts with implants 3-4 months later. This is called a staged mastopexy (breast lift) with implant procedure and is viewed as the safest option. Since most women would rather have one operation instead of two, undergoing a breast lift and augmentation at the same time is an option.

The goal of a breast lift is to remove skin, lift, and tighten the breast and the forces after a breast augmentation are essentially to expand or stretch the skin since a saline or silicone breast implant has been placed underneath the tissue to enlarge the breasts.

This result carries a well-known higher degree of risk and complications following simultaneous breast lift with augmentation. There is also a higher need for additional surgery to touch up and improve the final cosmetic appearance.
The best candidates for a breast lift with augment are healthy non-smokers who have a positive outlook and realistic goals in mind.

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Let’s talk about breast augmentation and breast lift. It is a little bit of a different animal than breast augmentation alone, and the reason why is because you’re doing two separate things that are really on opposite ends of the spectrum. You’re trying to lift and tighten and remove breast tissue and tighten the skin envelope. At the same time, you’re putting essentially a balloon underneath the breast tissue and blowing it up. So, those are two opposing forces. And so really, you have to be cautious and careful and really understand those dynamics and make sure you size the patient appropriately and remove tissue appropriately so you don’t have a disaster where you take out too much skin and then put a big balloon in there and blow it all apart, and the implant is popping out through the skin because someone took too much skin and didn’t realize that they were going to have to put that big of an implant in.

One of the things that I counsel all my patients on is that what I do, is I do this in a very step-wise fashion to stay out of that problem. And so, what I do is I mark where I think your nipple needs to be and I put the implant in initially, and it’s typically what we call sizer implant, not the real implant, and then I can elevate the back of the bed, so to mimic you standing, and then I can draw and actually tighten the skin and temporarily hold it in place. And so, I can evaluate how tight the skin needs to be around the implant size that we’re currently going to use. Because obviously if I used a 200 CC implant, I can tighten the skin more than if I used a 600 CC implant.

So, where many surgeons draw and cut, close it, and then put the implant in, what takes me a little bit longer time but I think is much safer is to place the implant, put the bed, the stretcher that you’re in up and so I can evaluate your breast, evaluate your tissue, and then I can mark and draw, and tighten it accordingly to the breast implant we’ve selected and also place the nipple appropriately in the best position. And that way, we really limit the risks of over-resecting skin with an implant.

BREAST AUG & LIFT – Artistic Breast Augmentation

At the time of your consultation, we will explain how the breast lift with implants (mastopexy with implants) procedure works and outline the routine post-operative healing process in detail.

Dr. Lynam will also discuss your goals and expectations for your breast lift with implants and answer all of your questions about the procedure. You will be sized with different implants until you find the desired size that is right for you. In addition, your medical history will be reviewed by Dr. Lynam to ensure you are a healthy candidate for a breast lift with implants surgery.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Frequently Asked Questions?

– Am I A Good Candidate?

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Let’s talk about the patient who comes in requesting a breast lift. They’ve typically finished with having their children and want to restore their breasts, part of a mommy makeover. When we examine their breasts, we see that their nipples are lower, and they’ve really lost the volume in the upper half of the breast. We call it upper pole volume or upper pole fullness. For most ladies, if their breasts are smaller and they’ve overall lost a lot of volume in the breasts, a breast lift alone is not going to give them what they’re looking for.

Typically, those patients need a breast lift with somewhat of a smaller implant, just to add that upper pole volume. It doesn’t need to look fake. It can look 100% natural. But you really can’t restore that upper pole volume without an implant. Even if someone has very large breasts and we do even a breast reduction, sometimes it’s still hard to restore upper pole volume, because once it’s gone, it’s kind of gone, and you can’t just stop the tissue back up there and expect it to stay there.

– When Can I Return To The Gym/Working Out?

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Let’s talk about when you can get back to the gym, and what you can do, and what you can do safely. So many of our patients are fitness conscious. They want to look good. They want to feel good. And that’s part of the reason why they’re having surgery. But the real key is recovery time. I break it down into maybe three stages. The first stage is about the first week after surgery. I generally tell people, first week after surgery, you’re walking around your house. That’s all you’re doing. The second week after surgery, you’re walking around your neighborhood, and that’s about all you’re doing. The third week, yep, you’re probably on a bicycle, you’re on a treadmill, and you’re doing a moderate amount of exercise. The key is, if it hurts, don’t do it.

The fourth stage, I really tell people is think of this: You’re really only healed 10% a month, so one month, you’re 10% healed. At four months, you’re 40% healed. You can probably do anything you want. But during that timeframe, from one month to four month, you really have to be careful, and depending upon the surgery you’ve done, you just have to limit the exercise that activates that muscle. For breast augmentation, you can’t use your pecs for really at least two months. For a tummy tuck, same thing, can’t really use the abdominal muscles for two months. You really want to let those muscles heal before you overdo it and cause some problems that you would regret.

– What To Expect On Your Day Of Surgery

The Procedure

The Breast Lift with Implants (Mastopexy with Implants) Procedure

Dr. Lynam offers a number of options for your breast lift with implants. There are three general types of breast lift with implants (mastopexy with implants) procedures:

  • A circular lift called a doughnut mastopexy
  • A lollipop lift which has a circle and a stick incision, just like a lollipop
  • A standard mastopexy. This looks like an anchor and is essentially a lollipop lift with an additional incision made across the bottom part of your breasts, just above your natural breast fold.
BREAST AUG & LIFT – Correcting Breast Asymmetry
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So, we already talked about in breast augmentation that breasts are sisters, not twins. So, women who’ve had one, two, three, five children and they want a breast lift with implants, we know they’re going to have more asymmetry. They usually walk in the door and they say, “Yep, I breastfed on this side more than the other one,” and that’s why I think this nipple and this breast is a lot looser, more skin, and lower on their chest wall. And that’s very common. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s nothing that’s unusual. We see it every day.

What this means is that during our preoperative drawing process and our marking process right before we do surgery, and then even during surgery, we’re taking that all into consideration to try to improve your symmetry as much as possible. Can we make it perfect? No, because nobody’s perfect, but we really take that into consideration with our markings to try to make your symmetry much better than when you started.

The total length of the incisions depend upon the amount of breast lift that is required. Dr. Lynam follows the Brazilian philosophy of breast surgery, which concentrates on creating the best-shaped breasts. Ultimately the best shape is what Dr. Lynam tries to achieve for his patients in breast lifts with implants.

The mastopexy with implant procedure is done on an outpatient basis. A typical breast lift with implants takes 3 to 4 hours to perform with the patient under general anesthesia. There is usually one drain tube per side used to remove any small amount of fluid collection for the first few days following surgery.

Richmond Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lynam

After Breast Lift with Implants (Mastopexy with Implants) Surgery

Drain tubes are removed in the office 3 to 4 days following your breast lift with implants. Your breasts may be swollen, bruised, and sore for several weeks.

Scars created to perform the breast lift with implants are permanent but will fade with time. You will begin massaging exercises on your breasts 5-7 days following the surgery.

– How The Breast Lift/Aug Procedure Is Performed

Breast Lift with Implants
(Mastopexy with Implants)

We believe that by maintaining a large pocket surrounding your breast implants, you can lower the risk of capsular contraction. These exercises will become part of your daily routine after your procedure. Vigorous exercise routines may resume 4-6 weeks following your surgery. You may return to work after one week.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for the breast lift with implants (mastopexy with implants) procedure is to schedule a consultation. You will learn about reasonable expectations for these goals.

– Recovery From Your Surgery

Breast Lift with Implants
Video Case Study

– Kortnie’s Story

– Case Study – Cassie

– Case Study – Nikki


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