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The physical changes that a woman’s body goes through after pregnancy and childbirth are often not easily fixed through diet and exercise alone. This is due to the stress that the transformation of carrying and giving birth to a child has caused them. Many women now have a combination of procedures known as a “mommy makeover” to help regain their pre-pregnancy body. These procedures can include breast augmentations, liposuction, tummy tuck, etc. Although combining various surgeries into one procedure does extend the recovery period at one time, it is still a shorter overall recovery time then if patients were to undergo each individually. Don’t worry, here are some tips for success following your mommy makeover and even some tips that may speed up your recovery time. Keep reading to learn all the tips for successful before and after mommy makeover.

Put Down the Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes can cause problems during and after your procedure. Just another reason to kick this nasty habit. Many surgeons will require their patients to quit smoking a few weeks before their surgery to avoid any complications.

Cigarettes can affect blood flow during surgery. The nicotine in cigarettes can constrict blood vessels, affecting the blood supply during a procedure. Nicotine can also make you more prone to blood clots. Tobacco can also cause the skin to be drier, causing more scarring and a longer healing time. If you are taking the time to improve your appearance with a mommy makeover, why risk it to continue this harmful habit?

Don’t Stay Completely Bedridden

Although resting is important, there are also benefits to moving your body following an invasive procedure to avoid any complications. For example, if your mommy makeover included a tummy tuck, including short walks in your recovery plan is usually recommended. Walking can drastically help your body to heal. It can prevent your body from becoming tight and stiff, while also helping to decrease swelling. Furthermore, studies have shown that walking can stop the formation of blood clots following some procedures. If you get the green light from your doctor to start taking short walks, give it a try. It could help speed up your recovery.

Be Ready to Rest

Taking enough time for the body to rest and heal is important if you want to achieve the results that you and your doctor have discussed. This means taking enough time off of work and other physical activity. It is usually recommended that a patient takes at least two weeks off from work following their mommy makeover, depending on the procedures they have decided to undergo. Allowing your body to properly heal will give you the best results.

Prepare Supplies Ahead of Time

Getting all the supplies you need organized before your surgery will ensure you are able to rest during your recovery. Your doctor will let you know any essential items that you may need that are associated with the procedures you are having. These may include medications, bandages, gauzes, and other supplies to make your healing process more comfortable.

You may also want to get some things for your own relaxation and comfort. These may include special pillows, blankets, your favorite books, Sudoku, or music. Some patients also recommend having nutritious meals premade ahead of time in the freezer. This stops you from having to worry about cooking or finding something healthy on a take-out menu.

Make Sure You Are Getting Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential to the success of many different surgeries, making it important for the healing process after a mommy makeover. If you do not have a healthy diet, you have a higher risk of retaining fluid. That is why many surgeons emphasize a nutrient rich diet before and after procedures. There are some foods that may help to speed the healing process, such as dark leafy greens and any foods that are rich in vitamin C.

Have Support

When healing from your mommy makeover, you will want to plan to have a helpful hand around the house for the first few days. There are many different surgeries that may be included in your mommy makeover, but for most of them you will need assistance getting around your home for the first one to two days. Performing everyday tasks, such as getting out of bed, getting dressed, and going to the bathroom, may be difficult to do on your own during this time. You may also want to consider getting help with child care, pet care, or other tasks around the house. This will help you rest easier and aid you in preventing any complications. This support can come from a service, a family member, or friend and should be set up prior to your surgery date.

Listen to Your Surgeon’s Pre and Post Operation Instructions

Many patients may see this not as a tip, but as common sense. You would be surprised, not following the instructions their doctor before and after surgery is one of the most common reasons patients suffer complications following their procedure. That is why it is so important to include this tip on the list.

When your doctor provides you with instructions to follow before and after surgery, it is to help you to achieve your desired results and heal as well as possible. The best advice, instructions, and tips you can get about your mommy makeover is from your surgeon. Not your coworker, best friend, or even the internet. Your doctor will be the one looking at your body before and after surgery, making sure everything is healing properly. You did the research to find a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable doctor. Do yourself a favor and listen to their instructions.

Recovering from a mommy makeover takes time and patience. At Richmond Surgical Arts, we use our knowledge and expertise to make your healing process as comfortable as possible.

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