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A lot of women like the idea of having breast augmentation but they’re worried about the downsides. One of the biggest drawbacks of breast augmentation is the scars that are left behind on the breasts. Although any good surgeon will make sure they’re as well hidden as possible, they are still visible from certain angles. However there is now an increasingly popular method of breast augmentation surgery that doesn’t leave any scars on the breasts themselves.

What is transaxillary breast augmentation?

Transaxillary breast augmentation, often referred to as ‘no scar breast augmentation’ is a technique that’s used where the implants are inserted through incisions made at the armpits. The big advantage to this is that there are no scars left on the breasts, which helps to add to the natural look that many women desire.


What type of implants can be used?

It’s possible to perform transaxillary breast augmentation using either saline and silicone implants. It’s worth mentioning however, that the scar will be slightly longer with silicone implants because they cannot be filled after placement like saline implants can.

As far as choosing the best type of implants – this is usually a case of personal preference but it will also depend on your body type. Women with slighter buildings are usually recommended to get silicone implants because they’re less prone to rippling.


Is it safe and are there any downsides?

The transaxillary method is very safe and carried out at many clinics across the country. The benefits of the surgery generally outweigh any downsides. It can sometimes be a challenge to achieve perfect symmetry but this shouldn’t be an issue providing you go to an experience surgeon.

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