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More guys than ever are now invested in how they look and want to maintain a youthful appearance. However a lot of men are not comfortable with the idea of getting major cosmetic surgery. This is why injectables have become so popular with men in recent years.

Below are some of the most popular injectable treatments for men currently available.


Botox is the most well known of the injectable cosmetic treatments. It works as a muscle relaxant – preventing the muscles around the face from contracting and therefore causing lines to appear.

Botox can get a bad reputation since it can result in a ‘frozen’ look but this can easily be avoided by spreading treatments out properly. Botox is certainly a popular treatment with women but there are also countless men who get Botox treatment on a regular basis. It provides a very effective way to get rid of unwanted lines in areas such as the brows, forehead and area around the eyes (crows feet).

The results of Botox last for approximately 3-4 months and the results can be seen after 3-5 days. Regular treatments are recommended if you want to maintain the results.


Dysport is similar to Botox in that it also works as a muscle relaxant and is used to treat areas such as the browline and crows feet, however the protein in Dysport is smaller than Botoxand therefore it works faster.

Some studies show that Dysport lasts slightly longer than Botox but in any case it will last around 4 months until more treatment is required to maintain results. Dysport is administered in the same way as Botox and the results are comparable.


Fat below the chin (submental fat) is something that affects a lot of guys and causes them to be self-conscious. This type of fat often isn’t related to a person’s weight and often occurs naturally as you got older.

Kybella is an injectable treatment that’s used to specifically tackle the loose skin underneath the chin.

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