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You may have heard that CoolSculpting is a very effective spot fat loss treatment but aren’t entirely sure how it works. CoolSculpting is different to other forms of fat loss treatment, namely liposuction, in that the fat itself is not removed from the body manually but rather the fat cells are slowly destroyed over time.


Below is a full explanation for how does CoolSculpting works.
Working to reduce fat on the body through diet and exercise is great and should always be the first course of action. However there are often pockets of fat on the body that are persistent and that cannot be removed through diet and exercise alone. The way CoolSculpting works is by targeting particular areas of the body and exposing them to very cold temperatures. This cooling process used in CoolSculpting causes the fat cells to crystalize and gradually die off.
The picture below shows how this process works.


How does CoolSculpting work?



The thing that makes CoolSculpting such an effective treatment for fat loss is that once the fat cells have been crystalized and removed from the body, they stay gone. This means the fat layer reduces and you’re left with a flatter, more aesthetically pleasing stomach that’s free of unwanted fat. Of course retaining the results you get from CoolSculpting is dependent on a good diet and exercise regime. If you overindulge then it won’t prevent you from gaining fat in these areas in future.


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A bit of history about the treatment

If you’re curious how it was first discovered that exposing fat cells to cold would cause them to be destroyed – it was actually by accident. Scientists at Harvard observed that toddlers who were using popsicles in order to cope with teething pain were developing dimples in their cheeks as a result. This discovery led to the development of the CoolSculpting treatment and the devices that are used in clinics today are based on this principle.


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