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Love handles (the pockets of fat at either side of the belly) are something that many people want to get rid of. While diet and exercise will get rid of exercise for a lot of people, there are others who need to seek out cosmetic treatment in order to remove them. CoolSculpting is an ideal treatment for combatting love handles in a safe and non-surgical manner.

How does CoolSculpting eliminate love handles?

CoolSculpting is a unique kind of treatment for spot fat loss in that the fat in treated areas is not removed from the body manually, as is the case with liposuction, but instead the fat cells are exposed to extreme cold which causes them to crystallize. Once the fat cells are crystallized, the body removes them naturally over a course of weeks and months. That’s how coolsculpting work to eliminate love handles.

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Are love handles only the result of being overweight?

Although love handles are often associated with being overweight, it’s not the only thing that causes them. Other contributing factors are –

  • Genetics –
    Genetics are a big factor with pockets of fat on the body that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. A lot of people are prone to storing fat on their body in areas including the stomach, underneath the chin and at the side of the stomach (love handles).
  • Age –
    Age is another factor that can contribute to the formation of love handles. This is due to the skin losing some of its natural elasticity as well as the fact that your metabolism slows as you age.

Can CoolSculpting be used to treat other areas of the body?

Yes, CoolSculpting can be used to treat the following –

  • Inner thighs
  • Outerthighs
  • Arms
  • Back rolls
  • Stomach
  • Chin

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