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Breast augmentation is an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery; usually the most popular in any given year. If you are currently considering breast augmentation surgery then you likely have a list of questions that you’d like the answers to.
With this in mind, below are some of the most common questions about breast augmentation.

  1. What are the best type of implants?
    This is a hard question to answer since it will depend on the individual patient and the results they’re looking to achieve. There are now several types of implants to choose from – saline and silicone, teardrop and round, smooth and textured etc. Your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of each with you at your consultation so you can make an informed decision.
  2. Will my breasts look natural?
    This is something that a lot of women are concerned about and the simple answer to this question is yes. Implants are now designed to look very natural, especially in clothing. Teardrop silicone implants in particular, provide both a natural look and feel.
  3. Will people know I’ve had surgery?
    This will depend on the size of implants you opt for. If you choose a subtle increase in breast size then people may not notice unless you tell them. If you choose to go up in size significantly then people will likely notice.
  4. Will I need to take time off work?
    Yes. You’ll need to take some time off work to recover from your surgery and allow your breasts to heal. Most people will need at least a couple of weeks to recover before returning to work. This may be longer depending on the type of work you do.
  5. How do I find the right surgeon?
    Finding the right surgeon is extremely important when getting breast augmentation surgery. Below are some of the key things to look for –
    • Board Certification
    • A lot of experience performing breast augmentation
    • Qualifications and training
    • Testimonials from previous patients
    • Lots of before and after pictures of previous patients
  6. Will I be left with scars?
    Yes. Any type of surgery is going to leave scars and this is true for breast augmentation. However, it’s now possible to have breast surgery performed so that the scars are at your armpits rather than on the breasts themselves.

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